Surveillance Solutions

Surveillance systems, facilitating security videos help us keep our eyes on each and every segment of your facility in an efficient manner. We offer superior video surveillance services in Vancouver, Surrey, Port Coquitlam and many other regions across the country. When integrated with our extensively trained security professionals, our technologically advanced and industry leading video systems enable extremely high level of security and safety whilst mitigating every sort of risk or security threat. Moreover, we offer all this while augmenting cost-efficiency.

Video surveillance systems can provide immense discretion than any other monitoring mediums; it’s unobtrusive and effective at the same time. Moreover, videos mitigate legal risks as well while providing you with evidentiary or historical support, as sometimes a simple slip and fall incident may be as damaging as theft or fire, if followed by a lawsuit.

Best-in-Class Remote Video Surveillance Systems

BSL is the best security company functioning in various regions of Canada offering superior surveillance systems. We can aid our clients with everything ranging from stand alone cameras to cover surveillance of small offices to highly integrated & complex IP addressable surveillance systems suiting the requisites of high security environments. We offer both IP and analog cameras for both in-the-cloud and on-site monitoring. 

Our system specialists and emergency response professionals carry out detailed consultancy sessions to identify your exact requirements and to design a surveillance system addressing all your specifications in the perfect manner. Our extensive line of equipment and cameras range from the smallest “memo cams” to sophisticated cameras capable of seeing into the dark spaces, and we can help you select the most appropriate and cost-friendly equipment suiting your needs.

Right from the oil sands to the extensive commercial office complexes, from residential developments to shopping malls, our talented technicians are capable of handling every type of installation job, even in the most sensitive areas.  

Additionally, we help you with remote video access installation on your mobile device to give you the ability to view real-time video and the recorded video from a variety of mobile devices supported by mobile operating systems subsuming iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry’s operating system.

Advantages of the Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems are quite useful from a number of aspects, including:

  • They significantly reduce the false alarms, as video analytics give the true picture of the incident
  • No complex software is required to use the surveillance systems
  • Surveillance systems help you get instant alerts on your mobile devices and smart phones with email video clips
  • Help significant reduction in the rate of crimes in progress as real-time alerts are sent to our security responders and monitoring stations as well
  • Provide you enhanced security at quite affordable prices