Retail Outlet & Mall Security

Retail Outlets and Malls have become one of the hot-spots today with millions of customers visiting them every day. With such high influx of people and valuable assets lying in the malls, security becomes a necessary requirement. BSL provides its clients with comprehensive retail outlets and mall security services, loss prevention personnel and enhanced customer service to a broad array of malls, supermarkets, luxury brand stores, financial institutions, community centers and retail outlets across Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby and several other regions of Canada.

Right from securing employee assets to high-end merchandise, from monitoring cash to shop lifting events, we offer a wide array of security solutions while always providing our clients with service-oriented customer experience along with an enjoyable work environment free from any threat.

Though, we always design and implement customized security plans for our clients depending on the size and requirements of their malls or retail outlets, but some common services that we offer under our retail outlets and mall security subsume:

  • Mobile Alarm Response
  • Emergency Response
  • Loss Prevention Services
  • Concierge Officers
  • Professional security Guards
  • Asset Tracking and Security Protection Systems
  • Industrial Building Security
  • Bike Patrols
  • GPS Enabled Vehicles Mobile Patrol

However, our services are not limited only to these, and we can offer you several other security services as per your requisites.

Loss Prevention Solutions

In malls and retail outlets, one needs to be very careful from smart shoppers and shop lifters. Thus, in order to provide you exhaustive loss prevention services covering every segment of the mall, we offer both plain clothed and uniformed security officers. Additionally, our loss-prevention consultants aid you with various loss control solutions including installation and close monitoring of CCTV cameras, employee awareness seminars, employee awareness training and highly experienced & professional security guards.

Rigorously trained professionals

At BSL, we believe that in order to provide superior services, we must have an immensely talented and greatly skillful team that can handle every security challenge with ease. This is one of the reasons that we invest our time and resources in training our security personnel.

For ensuring our security officers performance and efficiency, we aid them with monthly reviews and several training opportunities. This helps them in improving their professional responses towards evacuation procedures, medical emergencies, lost children finding and other advanced security industry requirements.

Closed Video Monitoring

We offer our clients with closed monitoring of all the video feed to identify and track any vandals or the people who can pose threat to the malls’ security. Our remote surveillance team keeps a close eye on all the happening in the mall, and any doubtful activity is immediately traced.

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