Real Time Monitoring

We offer round the clock, extensive real time monitoring services through our state of the art operations centre in the regions, including Port Coquitlam, Burnaby, Richmond and many more. We possess a broad team of real-time monitoring professionals who are there 24 hours a day to deal with your emergencies with a quick and professional emergency response.

We also possess a broad array of mobile emergency response fleets in the country with bonded, licensed and trained professionals capable of handling and dispatching the rightly skilled professionals and GSP-enabled emergency response vehicles as fast as possible to the incident spot.

How we help you through real-time monitoring?

We deliver video verified real time security monitoring of your facility or site providing you with real time video analytics through our round the clock functional operators responding in real-time to all sorts of incidents and intrusions. With real time monitoring, video verification and alarm monitoring service, we dispatch emergency services wherever required and only for real events. This not just saves our efforts for false alarms, but money as well, which we give back to you in the form of cost effective services.

Our operations centre equipped with the most advanced technological equipment provides local solutions to your homes, business and remote sites. Our professional security officers have been trained forensically and are certified in real time video surveillance system design. It takes extensive experience and rigorous training to identify and understand the equipment usage, effectiveness of using different types of equipment and response to be given to different incidents.

Our professionals are aptly experienced and qualified in all these. Moreover, we understand the right areas where surveillance equipment should be placed to get maximum coverage and we ensure that no corners are left without the real-time video coverage.

We possess the expertise of real-time monitoring, and we can help you with customized designs of surveillance systems which meet your budget and requisites perfectly.

The BSL difference

We believe technology enhances reliability and thus, with our expertise we combine technology to give you fine and better services. We are spearheading newer and better ways of providing security in the innovative manner. For instance, for your real-time monitoring service, we will install, integrate and maintain digital recorders and camera systems with your alarm panel to get a real-time visual verification of your alarms and emergency requirements when it matters the most. By maintaining a real time visual contact at the time of an alarm call, we become able of relaying information about the situation more accurately and directly to our emergency response team and the proper authorities.

Our professionals understand the significance of your security requisites and your safety is our prime objective. This is one of the reasons that we always stay extra careful about any security arrangements, and always deliver you a premium service.