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Educational Institute Security

Educational institutions, apart from possessing a large number of students, also contain a broad array of facilities with several valuable assets. Thus, every educational institution requires customized security arrangements best provided by BSL. We offer highly customized and exhaustive campus and educational institute security services delivered by our highly trained professionals and security planning personnel.

Our security solutions specially designed for educational institutions take into account both, the evolving nature of the security requisites of the campus as well as the day-to-day activities carried out in educational institutes by staff, faculty and students. We understand that educational institutions need to introduce regular changes in order to meet the newer challenges in the industry and thus, we continuously improve and adapt our security solutions to address these newly introduced changes like increasing student enrollment and new buildings.

Our educational institute security services

We offer our extensive campus and educational institute security services in Burnaby, Surrey, Vancouver and many other regions across the country.  BSL’s customized security solutions draw upon our exceptional expertise and extensive experience that we have developed by serving as security partners for a broad array of Canadian Educational Institutions and University Campuses. The services that we offer under our security solutions for educational institutions subsume:

  • GPS Asset Tracking System
  • Professional Security Officers
  • Mobile Alarm Response
  • Parking Lot Security
  • Short Term and Special Events Security
  • Security Trainings (For Instance, First Aid Training Levels 1 and 2)
  • Bait Bike Programs

By providing you our specialized security professionals, we ensure that our officers not just represent BSL but also represent your institutions to many of its stakeholders who meet study and work in campus throughout the term.

We also offer security consulting services through which you can have the opportunity to know about your security requirements, how can we offer you all-round security and work-out the best plans as per your specifications and budget.

Safe walk Programs

One of our added-value services, under our educational security is the Safewalk Program, in which our professional security officers provide safe walk escorts whenever you require. For the staff people or faculties working on the weekend or late night, having a security officer walk them to their vehicle gives them the much required peace of mind. Also, the flyers provided by BSL can be posted throughout your campus advising the specific numbers to call for any immediate security services.

Environment Sustainability

We understand the significance of a clean environment, and thus our security solutions have been specifically designed in the way that they help us reduce our carbon footprint. We are committed towards preserving the environment and we have implemented a wide range of systems and processes to stick to our commitment.

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