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BSL offers industry special security solutions to companies and organizations; no matter they are small scale, mid-scale or large enterprises. Whether you are in Surrey, Delta, Langley, Vancouver, Richmond, or Burnaby, British Columbia we have something for everyone. Take a look at wide range of our Corporate Industry Solutions:
Commercial Offices - We specialize in commercial security for corporate companies and large and small commercial buildings. There are a variety of special concerns for appropriate commercial security of office & building, so we will provide a free assessment of your unique circumstances for effective commercial security results, while maintaining your corporate image, since all BSL security Guards have customer service training, above industry standards of professionalism, and post specific training for your unique environment. You will have the option to choose the BSL guards uniform that best matches your Company image. A uniformed security Guard provides a visible deterrent to any costly criminal activities
Construction Site Security – With our significant expertise and industry best practices, we build customized Construction security services to protect your assets and people. Construction site equipment is a theft and/or vandalism risk, while be assured, we will provide the required security and if requested, accountability of supplies and equipment. At your request, our staff will go beyond the standards of Construction security to learn to identify any valuable or special equipment that is at risk. While allowing only authorized person’s entrance according to your requirements to include checking I.D.’s. Also, the uniformed security guard may search tool boxes and or containers of the workers. We assess each construction site specifically for the best protection and safety concerns. Your site will be secure with us. Our services include short term or long term accounts, unarmed or armed Security Guards. We have 24/7 operators always ready to accommodate your needs for service or ask questions, call anytime.
Educational Institute Security – No matter if your college or university is large or small; public or private; or located in an urban, suburban or rural setting; your primary security concern is making students, faculty, staff, visitors and parents feel welcome and safe. At the same time, you have a duty to keeping the campus operating, mitigating foreseeable risk and avoiding the damage that could occur to your brand and, potentially, your enrollment, if you don’t. BSL understands these concerns through our many years of experience providing campus security Guards services.
Financial Institution Security – Institutions need to stay one step ahead. Controlling access, understanding risk and exposure, and safeguarding confidential customer information are critical to preventing theft and fraud. But when protecting the lives of employees, visitors and customers, there’s no room for error. Financial institutions need security Guards and officers who understand this industry’s unique challenges and are trained to observe, react appropriately and respond immediately.
Government Site Security – BSL Security has built its reputation of superior service with a highly motivated and well-trained security Guards and officer corps that provides the best possible government security service for the best value. We protect those who protect the world, delivering complex federal, state and local contract security to government offices and agencies, laboratories, military installations and more.
Backed by more than 15 years of operational and command expertise in strategic operations and protective services, our experience with security guard operations, anti-terrorism programs, vulnerability assessments, force protection policies and plans and emergency missions allows us to integrate a customized, comprehensive physical security program with your existing operations.
Hotel Security – BSL Security’s Hotel Security Guards and Personnel is trained in respond to client and guest inquiries, meet and greet residents and guests, assist with luggage and other belongings, regulate visitor parking, helping guests with directions, attend to noise complaints, respond to emergencies.
Parking Lot Security – If you look at the statistics, roughly 80% of the criminal acts at shopping centers, strip malls and business offices occur in the parking lot. The keys are sufficient lighting, surveillance and response. It’s interesting to note that where parking lot security has been implemented, customer use has actually increased because they feel safer. BSL provides Security solutions and services for Garages and Covered Parking Facilities as well as Surface Parking Lots and Areas. BSL’s Security Guards provide a significant deterrent to criminals.
Industrial Buildings Security – BSL understands Industrial security. In BSL You will have a  partner who understands the shifting landscape and has the expertise, experience  to analyze prospective threats, minimize risks, and allow you to focus on what really matters — running your business. BSL understands the complex needs of Security of clients because we’re leaders in industrial security. We’re the first choice of many major players in the Construction, Manufacturing, Mining and Transportation industries.
Retail Outlets and Mall Security – BSL Security Guard &  Mobile Patrol Service provides retail security personnel for a large range of retails outlets such as Shops, Malls, Jewelry stores and Supermarkets in Georgia.At BSL, we understand the many functions of the security Guard/Officer in a retail environment. Retail shopping malls demand that security Guard or officers have a large range of skills. As a result, we make use of a detailed training programs particularly tailored to this vertical market, so that our guards are always well prepared to react to and aid in any sort of circumstance from handling and looking after lost youngsters to reacting to and successfully attending to medical emergency situations and law enforcement incidents.
Special Events security - BSL Security is British Columbia’s premier event security firm. From Vancouver to Abbottsford we’ve been providing event security.  We know what works our experience helps manage the events safely.  You can relax while our professional team manages every aspect of your event security — from pre-event strategy meetings with promoters and entertainment management to post-event watch. We also provide tour security services for bands, artists, VIPs and celebrities across the globe.
Remote Sites Security – BSL provides security and protection services for various industries with remote sites such as Oil and Gas, Mining and Energy. Protecting remote sites requires an in-depth understanding of the camp culture within mining camps, oil, gas and pipeline sites and hydroelectric facilities such as dams. Our Security Guards and officers bring years of security experience, first aid (OFA Level 3) training and industry specific knowledge.
BSL views the resource sector as a specialized area that requires unique security measures. We can offer plainclothes and uniformed security officers, risk assessment specialists, private investigators, logistics managers & integrated technology systems.
Residential Security - Residential Security is a challenge. Especially for High-rise buildings. The safety of the tenants, protection of physical property is very important. Residential properties attract criminals. A good residential security environment consists of electronic access control, CCTV monitoring, lighting on the property, well planned emergency procedures, and above all highly trained security staff. Good documentation of events, incidents, emergencies, and an effective security awareness program also plays an important role in residential security and safety of the building. . BSL’s trained security Guards work closely with the building management, contractors, and residents, and ensure that any damages that could possess high risk of safety and security are dealt with on call.
Mobile Patrol Services - BSL also provides Mobile patrol services for high rise as well as slow rise buildings. Our security vehicles are equipped with new GPS tracking devices to monitor the patrol performance. We train our Mobile patrol officers to detect any unusual odors, detect leaks and tampering that may be caused naturally or by trespassers and act on the situation accordingly.
Firewatch Security & Patrol - BSL has qualified Security Guards for your Firewatch security and information about Fire Watch. BSL’s fire watch security provides emergency notification system and alert building occupants of fires and the need to evacuate. The Fire Department may assist you with the required permits, patrol detail, and number of Security guards required. Additional information includes a Firewatch security drill may be conducted by a Licensed Security Guard Company.   The Security Guard should have basic training in Firewatch security procedures, like fire safety, use of fire extinguishers and other equipment, evacuation process specific to that building
Restoration Security - BSL Restoration Security services guarantees to provide Security guard within 2-Hours on fire and site in lower mainland. Security guards are uniformed and act to protect property by maintaining a high visibility presence to deter illegal and inappropriate actions, observing (either directly, through patrols, or by watching) for signs of crime, fire or disorder; then taking action and reporting any incidents to their client and emergency services as appropriate. We also report on the log sheet who ever will visit the fire site. Client can look at this logbook to determine the activity on site. All our guards are trained for fire & restoration security site duties.


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